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Job List

Responsibilities for Accounting:

  • Regulate and direct the recording of the company’s balance sheet according to the company’s activities and maintain the balance of the R/L balance
  • Control and evaluate the recording of R/L balance sheets and other accounting activities so that they can run precisely and accurately
  • Evaluate and analyze the implementation of the accounting system to provide input on the financial system and business strategy
  • Directing the function and performance of the accounting unit and department so that they can run optimally and improve the performance of accounting human resources
  • Carry out other related tasks to achieve company targets

Requirements for Accounting:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Economy major
  • Understanding financial statements, journal, or tax (general)
  • Experience min. 2 years accounting position
  • Specific skill needed: Zahir (default), MYOB, Accurate
  • Have personality: honest, active, and excellent organizational

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